Platform App Builder Exam — thoughts

Rob Cowell
2 min readJan 19, 2018


Yay! I got it!

Just sat the Platform App Builder Transition exam this morning — while it’s a shorter version of the full exam (20 questions versus 60), it’s not any easier! Here’s some thoughts and tips while I still think of it.

NOTE : As expected, I’m *not* giving any actual questions — cheating will never help you succeed in the long run

  • Master-Detail Relationships vs. Lookup Relationships — LOTS of questions around the differences between the two, what each one does and doesn’t let you do, which one is appropriate for scenarios. Brush up on this area
  • Roll-up Summaries — obviously tied to the above. Make sure you know when to use them, when you *can* use them
  • Person accounts — even if you don’t use them in your day job (we don’t), you’re gonna need to know the key differences
  • Lightning Pages — again, we don’t (yet!) use Lightning in our Org at work, but you’ll need to know where to edit them, what components (and component types) you can add to them
  • Process Builder vs Workflows — differences in what they can do, and knowing which to use when for a given scenario

Obviously this is only a tiny section of what you *should* be studying for this exam. These are broad areas that came up in my exam, you won’t necessarily get the same questions, but cover those areas and you’ll be well on your way to a Pass.

Good Luck!



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